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Tromled minerals

In the store is a selection of about 100 kinds of minerals of different sizes from small to jumbo. Rare species to order. Normally we have: agate , angelite, amethyst , Amazonite, Ametrine , Aquamarine , Aragonite, Aventurine , ( gold and blue Aventurine ) Bull's Eye, Celestinite , citrine , Charoite, diamond, opal , 10 kinds of jasper, fluorite, fuchsite, gagate, garnet, hematite, serpentine, howlite, chalcedony, jade, amber, calcite, carnelian, coral, quartz crystal ( mountain crystal ), labradorite, lapis lazuli, magnetite, malachite, moonstone, marble, obsidiane, opal, peridot - beryl , onyx, pearl, nacre, rubellite, ruby, rutile, rose quartz, gypsum, Sagenite, emerald, falcon eye, tiger eye, tourmaline - Dravite, turquoise, turquoinite ( ulexite - opalite ) , smoky quartz , sapphire .


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