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Orgonite, GUARANTEE of using the highest quality natural materials Composition: amber tree resin. polished copper and brass filings, crystal, sungite, rose quartz and other minerals and components according to the needs and wishes of customers. Orgonit acts: favorably on living organisms - plants and animals improves and soothes the atmosphere at home and at work reduces the effect of electromagnetic smog from the TV, radio, cell phones, monitors, power lines. It enhances immunity and helps to restful sleep accelerates the detoxification of organisms and repealing negative energy fields of tragedies,  accelerating the growth of the plants and resistance to vermins and diseases. Orgonite requires no maintenance. Their surface is perfectly smooth and glossy aesthetic, suitable as a representative gift of helping revitalize the environment. We guarantee the use of natural minerals: crystal, rose quartz Sungite. Original handmade with high aesthetic value and reasonable price. Orgonite we produce strictly according to the latest knowledge so far containing the most effective components of quartz crystal is precisely oriented by priority and filings are stored manually in order to guarantee the direction of their strength orgonite. Natural fir resin stabilized by heat is used.


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